• 19 DEC 2016

    Method for synthesizing a precursor of a single dairy-lactone isome.

    The present invention relates to a method for preparing a precursor of a single dairy-lactone isomer, to a single dairy-lactone isomer, and to the organoleptic uses thereof.
  • 30 APR 2014

    Process for levoglucosenone transformation to 4-hydroxymethylbutyrolactone and 4-hydroxymethylbutenolide

    Our second patent has been lodged! This patent is related to the transformation of levoglucosenone into platform chemicals. These molecules are intended to be building blocks for food/feed, polymers and pharmaceutical industries. If you are interested in this technology please contact our business development team for further information.
  • 10 OCT 2013

    Process for the preparation and utilisation of phenolic polymers with biaryl 5-5 bonds.

    Our first patent approval rewards the tremendous work of our team on lignin (bio)transformation. It is related to the preparation and utilisation of polyphenols with exclusively biaryl bonds. Obtained through biocatalysed oligomerisation of 100% renewable monomers, these polyphenols exhibit antioxidant, antiradical and antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, these polymers are good plasticizers, allowing them to be considered as attractive bisphenol A substitutes. These polyphenols are 100% bio-based and non toxic, as a consequence, they are suitable for applications in the food and cosmetic industries. If you want to know more about this patent and possible applications please contact our business development team.