Process Engineering

Process Engineering

The eco-extraction topic deals with the implementation and the optimization of extraction and/or pre-treatment processes to recover high added value molecules from agro-resources or industrial co-products. A focus is given on the use of supercritical dioxide carbon for the extraction and separation.

The process intensification topic deals with the coupling of processes to improve performances and reduce the consumption of energy and flux (water/solvent).

These two research topics build upon two process platforms:

Extraction & Purification platform equipped with a extraction pilot with supercritical CO2 (100 mL to 1 L), an accelerated solvent system (DIONEX 350) and a membrane contactor for liquid-liquid extraction (both at laboratory and pilot scale)

Filtration platform equipped with a lab scale METcell cross-flow system suited for ultra (UF), micro (MF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) separations and a SIVALAB cross-flow pilot.