Analytical Platform

Analytical Platform

URD ABI is equipped with brand new and high quality devices. To support our scientific team, our vast analytical park includes chromatography, spectroscopy as well as thermal analysis devices. Furthermore, our experienced team is able to develop and improve analytical methods.

Our chromatography park includes many devices :

- 2 HPLC chains, with 4 different detectors (DAD, Corona, RI and UV).
- 1 HPLC chain coupled with a mass spectrometer detector : Q-TOF.
- 1 Size-Exclusion Chromatography, with multi-detection (RI, viscometer, UV and Laser Dispersion).
- 1 Gas Chromatogaph coupled with a mass spectrometer detector : a simple quadrupole

In order to characterize polymers, the laboratory is equipped with a TGA (ThermoGravimetric Analysis) and a DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry).

To provide additional information on the structure of molecules, the chemists can use an RMN 300Hz.